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29 James St. Strathroy, ON

Finding Something good in every piece of wood!

We take pride in the thought, care and effort we put into our creations so you can enjoy them for years to come.

Keep Going!

Here is where you'll see what's being released and/or coming soon at Imagination Created!

We're scheduling Creation releases this year to help us not feel/get overwhelmed. It will also help us with numbers and preparing.  We appreciate your support and patience.

This has been a year like no other and we're all learning & adjusting together. Thanks for supporting local. Small businesses like ours are grateful!

***Orders will be completed in time for Christmas***

New Releases

More information will be available on our Facebook page.

Robot DIY Kit - $7

Reindeer Ornament Kit - $4

Snowman Ornament DIY Kit - $5

Blank Canvas Ornament DIY Kit - $2 - Sold out

Spinning Top


Sailboat DIY Kit - $6

Paddle Boat DIY Kit - $7

Tree Ornament DIY Kit - $4

House Ornament DIY Kits - $3

Bird Feeder DIY Kit - $10 - Sold out

Catapult DIY Kit - $8

Wood Road Tracks

Will be sold in kits, with additional pieces available to add.  Pricing available on our Facebook page.

Hockey Puck Sling Shot Game


Note: Photo for reference. Not our photo. Yet!

Wood Play Doh Stamps

Large: $5 each or 5/$20.  Small: $3.50 each or 5/$15. Various 'shapes'. Mixed bag of stamps. Themed sets will be coming after the New Year. Watch our Facebook page!